You may list members of an entire company, the 143rd band, or 143rd officers by selecting the appropriate link from the table below. Alternately, you may search the database for individual names by using the search feature. Members with an asterisk (*) beside their names are listed on the 143rd monument in Gettysburg.

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This will allow you to search for names in our database several different ways. You can search for a specific last name by entering that name in the search term field. For example to search for the last name Connor, just enter Connor in the search term field. If you want to search for all names starting with Con, only enter Con in the search term field. To search for all last names starting with C, just enter C in the field.

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2015 Officers

Ted Nafus Sr.

Mike Hogan

April Nafus

Scott Mecca

Mike Donahue

Bruce Geiger

Company A Leadership

Ted Nafus Sr.
Provost Marshal

Peter Wolf Cangemi

Jim Hummer
1st Lieutenant

Bruce Geiger
Quartermaster Sgt.

Ted Nafus Jr.
1st Sergeant

Michael Donahue
1st Lieutenant

Jesse Holzman
Senior Private

Union Volunteers Leadership

Frank Ruiz, Sr.

Frank Ruiz, Jr.
Lt. Colonel

Courtney Abel

Jerry Bergeron
Chief of Artillery

Ken Jansen
Chief of Cavalry

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